I was hanging washing on the line when I looked over towards my garden shed where I keep my lawn mower and saw that a piece of roof panelling had caved in, dropping dirt, dead leaves and assorted debris onto the mower and floor of the shed.
Not happy.
Its  hot outside...
and I don’t want to deal with this mess right now especially after a large brunch and maybe a slight touch of  hangover/heat…maybe 🙂

Its funny I was only thinking yesterday afternoon, whilst wandering around the garden assessing what garden jobs need to be done, that it would be nice to get a new shed to get some of the clutter out of the garage but then again maybe I should just de-clutter the garage. 

Oh Dear! I think I will need to at least move mower to the garage just in case in rains tonight. Today was supposed to be my quiet day.

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  1. Bad luck. Though I can recommend new sheds. Mine is extremely neat, with everything neatly wrapped in black bags and carefully stacked. Trouble is, I never want to disturb it, so nothing that goes in ever gets used again!We've had some string winds lately, and like yours, my shed is under a big tree. I kept expecting to find a fallen branch had damaged it. So far so good…

  2. My son Michael dropped over in the afternoon and is returning on Monday to dismantle the shed for me. LOL. Naturally with my sore shoulder I couldn't possibly do it myself and considering I have been trying to catch up with him for the past couple of weeks … it was meant to be.

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