The last 3 days the temp has been around the 38-41Celcius. Too hot in the house for the dogs to get some relief,  at least, outside there is a breeze coming off the ocean on the other side of the hill.
Today, I drove up the F3 Freeway to attend my niece’s baby shower,
Rachel and Colin 
where my sisters and other female relatives were going to enjoy a lovely girls afternoon. Rachel is due in 3 weeks and is feeling the heat. Her husband, dad, brothers and male relatives decided to stay and enjoy the cool air-conditioning.  It was rather 🙂 to watch them holding up and commenting on the tiny, tiny little clothes and a lot of (My Goodness!) so much stuff needed for such a tiny newborn.

Some relos.
Tomorrow and the rest of the week, the low 20Cs are predicted until the weekend when its back to the 30Cs.
Thank goodness, I like the heat and the hottest day can find me ironing, cleaning out cupboards and other energetic activities around the house.

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Frances Sydney, Australia Compulsive Reader, Computer Enthusiast and Reluctant Gardener.

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  1. val says:

    If the temperature rises above about 15 I am useless and cannot attempt housework.If the temperature is below 15 I break into a sweat shortly after starting the housework.Not much housework gets done in my house.

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