I had planned on going to the shops to stock up on some groceries but the medication I am on has drained my energy so will spend the day just pottering around the house. The weather is overcast and miserable back to wearing long pants and shirts. I love the freedom that warm weather gives you when you’re not laden down with winter-weight clothes.

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  1. I'm in full tune with you at the moment. My shoulder has "gone" – probably as a delayed reaction to the fall I had last week. I went to the doctor and will be getting my damaged knee x-rayed, but now I wish I'd known the shoulder was going to develop such pain so soon.

    Get well soon, and that's an order!

  2. Sometimes it takes a couple of days for the full extent of injuries caused by a fall to make themselves known. Call your doctor and let him know about your shoulder as soon as possible. The knee and shoulder injury are both 'fall' related.

    I have to go back to doctors on Monday to get an extention on 'Compo'leave, and am still waiting on xray appointment to be organised by insurance company. Lots of paperwork involved.

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