My son Michael dropped over in the afternoon and is returning on Monday to dismantle the shed for me. LOL. Naturally with my sore shoulder I couldn’t possibly do it myself and considering I have been trying to catch up with him for the past couple of weeks … it was meant to be. In … More

I was hanging washing on the line when I looked over towards my garden shed where I keep my lawn mower and saw that a piece of roof panelling had caved in, dropping dirt, dead leaves and assorted debris onto the mower and floor of the shed. Not happy. Its  hot outside… and I don’t … More

Absolutely amazing. Currently watching NasaTV on my computer and it is televising LIVE the arrival of Atlantis from the International Space Station. The Atlantis will touch down in 7 minutes at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida time of Friday 8.44am. The time in Sydney is now Saturday 1.40am Aust EST.  Touchdown. (Nasa Photo)

Gerald McCullouch CSI’s Bobby Dawson, stand-up comic, filmmaker & all around misfit has a twitter account – ItsAHardG  – where he regularly posts twitpics from his various acting jobs. These twitpics were taken from the set of SVU with Chris and Mariska.

Its HOT The last 3 days the temp has been around the 38-41Celcius. Too hot in the house for the dogs to get some relief,  at least, outside there is a breeze coming off the ocean on the other side of the hill. Today, I drove up the F3 Freeway to attend my niece’s baby … More

Atlantis and Crew Prepare for FlightThe STS-129 mission will be commanded by Charles O. Hobaugh and piloted by Barry E. Wilmore. Mission Specialists are Robert L. Satcher Jr., Mike Foreman, Randy Bresnik and Leland Melvin. Wilmore, Satcher and Bresnik will be making their first trips to space. Atlantis and its crew will deliver two control … More