My son Michael dropped over in the afternoon and is returning on Monday to dismantle the shed for me. LOL. Naturally with my sore shoulder I couldn’t possibly do it myself and considering I have been trying to catch up with him for the past couple of weeks … it was meant to be.
In the morning I had been going through my linen closet getting rid of all the extra sheets, blankets etc that accumulate over the years and of which you never use. Michael left last night with a big bag of ‘stuff’ and if he can’t use than will hand over to his friends ; ).
I find that more and more I am handing over my extra things to people I know that need/want them because I found the charity stores (that are manned by volunteer staff) are sometimes selling clothes/linen for nearly as much as you would pay in a St Vinnes. You can still get a bargain at the Salvos stores =:-).

I was hanging washing on the line when I looked over towards my garden shed where I keep my lawn mower and saw that a piece of roof panelling had caved in, dropping dirt, dead leaves and assorted debris onto the mower and floor of the shed.
Not happy.
Its  hot outside...
and I don’t want to deal with this mess right now especially after a large brunch and maybe a slight touch of  hangover/heat…maybe 🙂

Its funny I was only thinking yesterday afternoon, whilst wandering around the garden assessing what garden jobs need to be done, that it would be nice to get a new shed to get some of the clutter out of the garage but then again maybe I should just de-clutter the garage. 

Oh Dear! I think I will need to at least move mower to the garage just in case in rains tonight. Today was supposed to be my quiet day.

Absolutely amazing.
Currently watching NasaTV on my computer and it is televising LIVE the arrival of Atlantis from the International Space Station. The Atlantis will touch down in 7 minutes at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida time of Friday 8.44am. The time in Sydney is now Saturday
 1.40am Aust EST.
(Nasa Photo)

CSI’s Bobby Dawson, stand-up comic, filmmaker & all around misfit has a twitter account – ItsAHardG  – where he regularly posts twitpics from his various acting jobs.
These twitpics were taken from the set of SVU with Chris and Mariska.

The last 3 days the temp has been around the 38-41Celcius. Too hot in the house for the dogs to get some relief,  at least, outside there is a breeze coming off the ocean on the other side of the hill.
Today, I drove up the F3 Freeway to attend my niece’s baby shower,
Rachel and Colin 
where my sisters and other female relatives were going to enjoy a lovely girls afternoon. Rachel is due in 3 weeks and is feeling the heat. Her husband, dad, brothers and male relatives decided to stay and enjoy the cool air-conditioning.  It was rather 🙂 to watch them holding up and commenting on the tiny, tiny little clothes and a lot of (My Goodness!) so much stuff needed for such a tiny newborn.

Some relos.
Tomorrow and the rest of the week, the low 20Cs are predicted until the weekend when its back to the 30Cs.
Thank goodness, I like the heat and the hottest day can find me ironing, cleaning out cupboards and other energetic activities around the house.

Atlantis and Crew Prepare for Flight
The STS-129 mission will be commanded by Charles O. Hobaugh and piloted by Barry E. Wilmore. Mission Specialists are Robert L. Satcher Jr., Mike Foreman, Randy Bresnik and Leland Melvin. Wilmore, Satcher and Bresnik will be making their first trips to space.

Atlantis and its crew will deliver two control moment gyroscopes, equipment and EXPRESS Logistics Carrier 1 and 2 to the International Space Station. The mission will feature three spacewalks. The mission also will return station crew member Nicole Stott to Earth and is slated to be the final space shuttle crew rotation flight.

Atlantis will launch on the STS-129 mission
Monday at 2:28 p.m. EST Nov. 16, 2009.

You can watch the launch live on nasatv -link

Elf Yourself Flash Mob Invades NYC

Friday the 13th
Happy Birthday to me.
My only wish is that  the coming year is an improvement on this last year. I feel I need to make a ‘bucket list’ and persevere with it. No more puting off things till tomorrow … or the next day …week…etc.


Twitter – greggrunberg
Happy Healthy Birthday to all
Friday The 13th Babies celebrating today!!

I have this “How-to…” gadget on my iGoogle page and as I passed by my computer I happen to glance at the computer screen. I saw the title of an article


continuing on my way I thought well I would think the most obvious thing would be –

  1.  Get a shotgun
  2.  Find a Bear
  3. Do whatever……
I retraced my steps back to the computer and re-read the title. Ooops!  Beer not Bear.  I really need to get some new glasses.

NASA’s satellite image of Australia