Talk about Freaky Friday. Today, I injured my shoulder at work, off to the doctors and now he has me on Valium and Voltaren. I’m off work until Tuesday that is unless my shoulder is still sore than I need to return to doctor and have some tests done. Darcy has decided he needs to … More

This is a fish-eye view of Paragliders soaring above the ridge of  Mt Crackneck this lovely Friday afternoon.

Twitter Chatter If you are a new Twitter fan, check this funny post by TheBloggess   on the annoying message that keeps coming up on Twitter when you try to Twit.Thanks to Kelley of

I just listened to an audio interview Vincent D’Onofrio recorded today on 101.9TRXP a New York radio station.Great Stuff.

This morning I found a canister of bush flower seeds in the garage with an expiry date of July, (Stock photo) So as rain was forcast for later today I sprinkled the seeds in amongst the earth I had raked over the day before, well by late afternoon the heavens opened and we had … More

I have spent the last few days changing everything from bed linen, winter clothes to summer clothes – washing and storing away winter wear, purchasing new summer clothes after realising I had been wearing the same summer clothes for the last 3-5 years. Yesterday I spent mowing and getting rid of clutter in the yard, … More

Rural Wedding  Last Saturday my nephew Eric married his sweetheart, Sally. Witnessed by family  and friendsAnd then next door to the Chapel Hall/Marquee The Hall’s picturesque letterbox. Cute as…Time on our hands while the wedding couple and attendants were having photos taking we mixed and mingled and caught up with family goss.My eldest sister Tricia … More