The Dynamic Duo wil be no more after the two-episode
premiere of Season 9 of LO:Criminal Intent


I personally think we have been extemely lucky to have
Vincent and Kathryn 
for so many episodes as primarily they are movie actors.


We have 131+? episodes of LO:CI
plus their respective movies to re-watch on DVD


Though my reaction when I found out would have done
Mr Bean proud.

So now finally Vincent can wipe that
USANetwork logo off his scene shot.

And the Dynamic Duo can perform their
little Happy Dance in their final episodes

We can show our appreciation of their talent and
give them a standing ovation at the end of their Innings.


Signing Off!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “

  1. That they didn't choose to go – and that we want them to stay – but the "powers-that-be" have decided otherwise, makes me really mad.

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