The rock platform at Avoca Beach during a recent storm

That Guy From Jurassic Park Would Like To Ask You a Few Questions What is Jeff Goldblum doing on Law & Order? By Nathan HellerPosted Thursday, June 25, 2009, at 9:26 AM ET Slate Magazine Hardworking American, you are having a bad day. You dropped your cell phone in the sink this morning, used the … More

I found this subject on the SoulPancake site Can you list 5 things that defines God What is God? The trite answers—“God is love” or “God is good”—abound. But the reality is that God IS a lot of things, including “undefinable.” And that got us thinking: What is God NOT? 1. God is not a … More

I was browsing this site about Glebe an inner city suburb of Sydney and it brought back memories of when my children were younger and their weekend visits with their Dad. Those weekends I had ALL to myself, I would meet up with a friend and we would go out to dinner at a different … More

An article in Australian TV Week -July 4-10 200 Will Wheeler and Nichols work with Goren and Eames? Jeff: I wish! We didn’t this year. Vincent and I talked about it and we’d both love that to happen. But Eames makes n appearance or two in a couple of episodes of mine. Kathryn’s a great … More

Ok so I didn’t win Oz Lotto but I did win $26.40 which went towards a new kettle – a Red one.