I spent a week in New York ten years ago and we stayed at the Beacon Hotel on Broadway amd 75th Street. My son and I decided to go down to Central Park we walked down 72nd Street and ahead of us were big trailers and assorted technical equipment that was being packed up by the crew.
Out of a door of one of the brownstone terraces Will Smith and his bodyquard walked and and came towards us, he had finished filming for the day (Baggar Vance) he walked right by us and all I could do was smile and nod which was returned.lol.

Sad but true. Kick myself now that I hadn’t been game enough to ask for a autograph. He came across as very friendly and approachable. My son didn’t recognise him but you could not miss those distintive ears on Will. He was dressed in the clothes of the movie …very swish.

So in answer to the Big Question, no I would not be capable of asking for an autograph or anything else..I would be too awestruck.

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  1. I would at least smile, and maybe say hello – I think that's automatic. I remember seeing Terry Waite walking towards me, and that's just what I did. He smiled back and said hello, not knowing me from Adam, but I guess if you are in the public eye, you get used to eveyone recognising you.

    (Just in case you forgot, Terry was the Archbishop of Canterbury's envoy to Lebanon during the hostage crisis there, and was taken hostage himself for five years.)

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