I was browsing this site about Glebe an inner city suburb of Sydney and it brought back memories of when my children were younger and their weekend visits with their Dad.

Those weekends I had ALL to myself, I would meet up with a friend and we would go out to dinner at a different restaurant (Italian, German, Chinese, Swiss) each Saturday night along Norton Street/Parramatta Road in Leichhardt and into Glebe and surrounding suburbs.

We would start off at the Glebe markets, a late arvo coffee, then home to change for the trawl pass the restaurants studying the blackboard menus displayed outside, selecting our meal for the night then off to the bottle shop to buy our BYO wine (cheaper than buying the House wine) back to the selected restaurant to enjoy an evening of good food, good company and yummy wine.

In the morning we would head off for our Sunday drive
either cruising the City beaches

or heading up to the Blue Mountains
for an invigorating bush walk
or catching the scenic railway down to the valley floor.
Blue Mts

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Frances Sydney, Australia Compulsive Reader, Computer Enthusiast and Reluctant Gardener.

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  1. val says:

    I'm so sorry, everything was lost on me after Swiss restaurants? There is Swiss food that can be identified as such and people open restaurants to sell it? Wow!

    No offence intended, but I never heard of Swiss food before, honestly.

  2. Frances says:

    Lol.I seem to remember most of the main meals were cheese sauce with everything, and as it was winter, the meals were very filling.

  3. Frances says:

    The website for Eiger Swiss Restaurant

    Signature dish: Zueri geschnetzeltes – shredded veal in wine, mushroom and cream sauce

    Within 500metres
    Italian -12
    Middle Eastern, North African and Tapas

    There is a large Italian community in this area.

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