An article in Australian TV Week -July 4-10 200
Will Wheeler and Nichols work with Goren and Eames?
Jeff: I wish! We didn’t this year. Vincent and I talked about it and we’d both love that to happen. But Eames makes n appearance or two in a couple of episodes of mine. Kathryn’s a great actress and th character is great – I like to see the two of us together.
Nichols has shown a disdain for psychiatry due to his upbringing. Will that be explored more this season?

Jeff: There was one case where the perpetrator is a psychiatrist, and that’s probably as much as you’ll see on the surface this season. But I know that they’re interested in introducing a father at some point because he’s around and that’s a big part of my character’s inner life. Nichol’s mother was a shrink, too, and she’s still around as well. If we do more [episodes] we’ll probably find out a bit more about them.

I’ll add the rest of the article later…its a little late now and the brain is dozing.

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