DavistownMy dream holiday homeIts for sale – offers above $AU550,000Here’s a better viewIf I had enough money I would buy and demolishand rebuild.I need to win a lottery so thatI can live the lifestyle I should have.lolJust look at that lovely blue sky.It was cold this morning but by mid morningit became quite warm outside

I spent a week in New York ten years ago and we stayed at the Beacon Hotel on Broadway amd 75th Street. My son and I decided to go down to Central Park we walked down 72nd Street and ahead of us were big trailers and assorted technical equipment that was being packed up by … More

Oh! Happy Day! Interview with Vincent D’Onofrio is on Youtube

Twitter ChatterWeird Al directing Paul McCartneyCheck out Al’s TwitterWish I could go back in time and tell the 12-year-old methat one day I’d be directing Paul McCartney. The “real” fake interview

I have just signed up for updates from our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd’s new website.http://www.pm.gov.au/ He sure is a people pleaser. He also has a blog and the current discussion is on Climate Change.

I am enjoying watchng MasterChef,not sure who will be the winnerbut Chris sure looks the part of a quirky chef.His recipes are original and well presented I like Julie but she can get a little rattled under pressure.