A post from the “The musings of a green knee capping leprechaun” blog
….google your name, beginning with “unfortunately________” filling in your name and see what pops up.

My wanderings found these …

Unfortunately, Frances
Unfortunately, Frances nipped at the ankles of three clients, and CARE 66 administrators began to view Frances as a liability …

Unfortunately, Frances thought the fairy was leaping on to her face, the action was so vigorous …

Robert Carr fell in love with Frances – the daughter of Thomas Howard, Earl of Suffolk. Unfortunately Frances was already married to the Earl of Essex

Fortunately, Frances
Fortunately, Frances was able to drag herself out of bed, and once we dumped some ice tea down her gullet, she was ready to go

Fortunately, Frances and her mother did find another way. They found out that excessive sweating is a medical condition

Fortunately, Frances did not impact South Florida with severe winds and rain and people started believing a hurricane threat was nothing more than a media …

Pass it on …

2 thoughts on “

  1. Wow, you were a hurricane.

    I don't think there has ever been a Hurricane Valerie. Do they ever get that far along the alphabet?

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