First day of two weeks holidays …Today- Saturday,
I have already washed the new car,
Hyundai Getz 2009 21 May 09
(My new car – Hyundai Getz 2009 – a lovely drive.)

mowed the back yard,
started to demolish a old cubby house,
washed my bedroom curtains and sheets,
moved a dressing table out of son’s room and into
the spare room and started to strip it back to stain/paint,
stopped for lunch …whew…at this rate I will have renovated the whole house
by the time I get back to work. lol

The dressing table is for my room…
can’t decide whether to re-stain it
or paint white to match side tables in room
… decisions, decisions.

About Frances
Frances Sydney, Australia Compulsive Reader, Computer Enthusiast and Reluctant Gardener.

3 Responses to

  1. Suzer says:

    I'm stripping back a table as well that had been painted, and I think it's walnut underneath. My vote is always to stain if you can.

  2. val says:

    When you've finished with your house…

  3. Florida Girl In Sydney says:

    Wow, that's mighty productive of you. I think I need a nap and I've done like nothing today.

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