My cat Darcy went missing on Monday evening, my son, Mike and I looked everywhere for him then last night (Wednesday) while outside futively smoking a ciggie Mike heard Darcy answer his call and went looking for him now we live on a highway four lanes wide and how my son was able to find him stuck up a tree on the opposite side of the Hwy – my son must have cat’s eyes because the only way I was able to find Darcy was to use a torch – so there the Big Fella(Darcy) was legs spread-eagled on these little branches in the fork of a tree …very high up. We called and called sweet nothings up to him but he wasn’t budging…Time:11pm Wednesday
Darcy Tree Rescue

Mike first called the fire brigade first thing this morning they gave him a number of a business that does their vertical rescues!! A Lone Man arrived later in the morning but the ladder wasn’t high enough – so he goes back to base to get a bigger ladder and BackUp Guy.

A couple of hours later he returned with his bigger ladder and BackUp Guy and up the ladder he went – mutterings were heard when he realised how BIG the Big Fella was -laughter from BackUp Guy who when he sees Lone Man having so much trouble dis-entangling(sp) the Big Fella from his lofty perch – scales the ladder and between the two of them they were able to wrench Darcy from his proxy home
Time:2pm Thursday

5 thoughts on “

  1. The pickles cats get themselves into!

    I just read about one who got right up into the dashboard of its owner’s car and had to be rescued by the auto club by the entire dash being dismantled!

  2. So funny. Poor Darcy. Wanted to stay aloft or scared to come down? The the indignity of strangers wrenching him off his perch. Heart-stopping for you, I’m sure.

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