Winter Hobby

I am going to drop into Spotlight either today or tomorrow to check out their fabric material. I’m looking for some winter hobbies to keep myself amused while my son hogs the computer.

My mother was a dressmaker and taught all her daughters (4) how to sew and knit, would you believe I once made a men’s safari suit, it look good too. lol. Also curtains, bedspreads, my wedding dress and day dresses, baby clothes and knitted jumpers, cardigans, embroidered tableclothes etc but then I found it was cheaper to buy than to make…well … times have changed and now I must start to make my own clothes because it is getting harder and harder to buy just a simple summer/winter dress.

I know my body shape has changed over the years but really when you head off to purchase a new wardrobe and come home with comfort food, then it is time to:
  • step up to the machine,
  • clear off the cobwebs,
  • dust off the dress patterns (yeek! did I really wear those fashions),
  • find a quiet corner of the house where other inhabitants of the abode can’t find you
  • and knuckle down and create a new ‘me’.

Okay, Okay! I still going to clear out the wardrobe and linen cupboard of all unnecessary clutter but the shops are open now….waiting for me and my monies.

::scratches round in purse looking for elusive notes::

::rattles piggy bank::

::checks biscuit tin::

Remembers there is such a thing as ‘plastic money’…..hehehe.


I’ll be back……………

2 thoughts on “

  1. Theoretically I can sew. I have a great sewing machine.

    In practice I have a friend who is a dressmaker and designer if I need something I can’t find in the shops 🙂

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