Avoca Beach Picture Theatre


The doors at the back of the foyer
Avoca Beach Theatre

A sit down and a tinkle on the ivories before the show… Huh.

Lets check out the Playlist on the board outside

Hey! Everyone’s favourite granny will be appearing on Mother’s Day 10 May


For MOTHER’S DAY, Barry Humphries presents Dame Edna “Back With A Vengeance,” screened via satellite . (Ed:It doesn’t say where it is being screened from). Dame Edna is arguably the most famous female face of the nation, her intelligence, wit and poise is envied around the world. Winner of “The Lovely Motherhood Quest” & self professed Gigastar.


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  1. When you buy your tickets you can reserve a specific seat..during the holidays it is usually packed with city-folk who have their holiday home close by.

  2. I would love to have Dame Edna’s pluck (or is it insensitivity?)

    I treasure her exchange with Bazza in Barry McKenzie Holds His Own:

    “Do you know, Barry, I once slept with the Prime Minister of Australia? It was during the second act of War and Peace and the Sydney Opera House!”

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