My former Mother-in-law Millie passed away last week.

I have been divorced now for nearly 19 years but on Tuesday I went to Millie’s funeral. When I was divorced, my ex and I agree we would not involved our respective families in our dramas ie no fighting over custody, no bitching about each other to family members etc. The divorce was traumatic enough within the added stress of coping with fall out from within the families.

The reason for this was that our mothers were great friends, were both widows, had each endured suffering and deprivations in their lives, and were now enjoying having a friend to go out socialising with.

No, I didn’t consider myself a martyr by putting my feelings on hold, it was just the better option in quite a traumatic time in my life. I’ve never re-married, not that I haven’t had offers lol but at the time, it was not the right time.

Anyhow, over the years what with school activities, including the big 13, 18, 21 and 30 birthdays, an engagement and wedding celebrations. I have had on-going contact with Millie over the years, so last Tuesday I went along to her funeral she was 93 years old.

I sent this except of Millie’s bio to my sisters as they weren’t able to attend the funeral.

This was the last paragraph of Millie’s bio taken from her funeral booklet read to the congregation by her niece.

Millie’s times at South Auburn were very happy times, albeit without her beloved and never forgotten husband, Tony. Living at South Auburn Millie made many friends. One very special friend was Dorothy R, Dot. After the loss of her husband Dot became a close companion to Millie, enjoying Cards, Bingo, Bowls, many Bus trips and overseas trips together. Millie was very involved with people and community. Being a member of many clubs in the area also Probus, the Gadabouts and attending church at Saint Peter Chanel’s Berala.

My daughter said she was going fine in the mass until this was read out and the others agreed. My Mum is still missed by her old friends. After the funeral my brother, children and SIL and I went around to where Mum and Dad are buried, I took a photo of the two headstones lying side-by-side with the grave number #518 etched on it. We all agreed they had the best location in the cemetery lol and the old Norfolk Pine (the largest around the area) still stands nearby.

The service for Millie was lovely with a large attendance of her extended family and friends after the funeral we went along to the Dooley Club and had a supper in the Wattle room.

I had at least 6 people come up to me and talk to me that I didn’t recognize (after 20 years) and had to ask who they were, I think it was the grey hair on old friends and former in-laws that threw me. It was getting a little embarrassing after a while. lol.

I’ve added this to my blog as it all forms part of my life. Millie and I sometimes had not agreed on some things but over the years we had learnt to respect our differences.

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  1. I loved the story of your mother and mother-inlaw. They were lucky to have each other – and it was good that you all understood the importance of their fiendship. Thanks for visiting 70 Plus and Still Kicking. Do you live around Auburn way yourself? I used to work at Parramatta and Westmead …June

  2. A sad day for you, but it is good to attend these landmark occasions.I went to my ex-mother-in-law’s funeral in 1988, and my ex came to my mother’s in 2000. We divorced in 1980. Unfortunately our continued friendship was killed off by him a few months after mum’s funeral when he couldn’t be bothered to return some phone calls about something really exciting for me. In the end I left a message telling him where to go. Obviously he did, as I haven’t heard from him since.

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