“I’m exhausted already but what fun I will have had.”-
I wrote on Friday, February 27, 2009

Update on Family Reunion.

Friday I worked from 9am till 3pm then did some grocery shopping so son MM had something to eat over the weekend… got home about 5pm had some dinner and then packed for weekend. I travelled up to Maitland that night to my sister, Mary arriving about 10pm then straight to bed as we were getting up at 4am to head off to Newcastle airport at Williamstown for a 6am flight. Thanked Don (bil) for driving us there said our goodbyes and then into the terminal which was crowded with travellers like us. who had grabbed the cheap fares south.

Hysterics in the house! I left my printouts for plane and train bookings in my other bag (changed at the last minute ….Yeeks!) at home. Sis started to laugh (wtf) roused on her to stop laughing (sorry sis). Grabbed my mobile phone and rang son back home at 5.30am…not happy…to get flight/train details from printed sheets…then went up to flight desk and told the lovely young woman there I was a ‘little stressed’ but here was the flight numbers…no worries she said … have a nice flight.

We arrived in Melbourne at 7.40am and wandered over to the country trains to get train out to Warragul …an hour and a half journey. We were met at Train station by my cousin, Anthea who transported us to her property where we waited for the rest of our Victorian/Tasmanian cousins to arrive.

All up there was: myself, Mary, Anthea (with daughter, Ella), sister Christine and brother,Vin ( with wife, Moira), Marianne and her sister Frances, Christopher, his brother Roger and sister Helen.

It was Fabulous and a big thanks to Anthea for organizing the day. We wandered around chatting with everyone catching up with family gossip (some I hadn’t seen since I was a teenager!) it was as if it had only been a short time since we had all seen each other. I came away wanting more time to chat and hope to return later this year. Unfortunately after Christmas is a busy time at work and I could only stay for the weekend, the next trip I will drive down and make a holiday of it I would like to see more of the families also Victoria and Tasmania.

Anyhow, later Saturday evening, Mary and I returned to Melbourne with cousins Marianne and Frances to stay the night at their late mother’s home
(my aunty had passed away the month before) and catch the 8am interstate train back to Sydney the next morning.

Up bright and early to catch a taxi into Melbourne’s Southern Cross railway station, $45 later we arrive with ½ to spare to find the platform and have a ‘chat’ with conductor/ess about our missing ticket print-out.

“No worries” we were told “ just hop on and we will let the ticket collector know”

Oh! Thank-you… Thank-you! … we said as we scurried onto the train and thank goodness, I had remembered the car/seat numbers.

On the dot the train left at 8am , and a visit from the conductor to say the booking numbers I had given them was the same as he had on his passenger notes. WooHoo.

At 7.40pm we arrived in Central Station Sydney then a 1/2hour wait on the connecting train to head up the coast to Newcastle. On arriving at 10.50pm we were picked up by nephew Eric… then a 20minute drive back to Maitland where my car was waiting. I decide to then drive home as I was due to start work at 10am the next day and the expressway would be traffic-free at that time of night.

Well! all I can say is life wasn’t meant to be easy. lol.

I don’t think I mentioned that I live on a main road and for the past 2 weeks they had been re-surfacing it –nightworks- starting about 8pm and sometimes finishing at 3am.

Well I had left Maitland at about 11.20pm Sunday evening and arrived home at 12.20am to find the ‘nightworks’ directly outside my home with the place lit up like a Christmas Tree with no car access to my driveway. I had to drive to the next block park my car and walk back pass the huge lights and machinery and roadworkers along the footpath to my driveway lugging my luggage. WTF

Needless to say I had an audience the entire way. I am tired just typing this saga out so you can imagine how tired I was heading off to work Monday morning.

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  1. Busy, busy time. Leaving the tickets in the Other Bag is just the kind of thing men expect of us, and so rarely do we let them down. Course, if things were eft to them, the tip wuld be via Outer Mongolia just so they could travel this really cool train that only runs once a year at 1.36am.

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