Autumn Storm

Looking towards Avoca Beach from outside the AV Surf Club

in the foreground is the children’s Rock Pool.

Looking North towards the Northern Headland

Looking out to the Pacific Ocean at the Monstrous Waves.
I would not have liked to have been out at sea during this time.

Avoca Beach Southern Headland
There were no surf boardriders out today as the beach was closed but when it is low tide the boardies cast off from these low rocks in front and then paddle out to catch the waves coming in otherwise it’s a long paddle out to get beyond the breakers to ride the waves in.

Flash Flooding Alert


Up the Eastern coast of New South Wales in the Coffs Harbour area 400ml of rain fell in 24 hours causing wide-spread flooding. The area has now been declared a Natural disaster zone….a 100 year flood.

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  1. Beautiful ocean storm shots. Flood planes–yuk, I live in a hundred year flood plane that hasn’t flooded in 300 years. Of course having a dam five miles away helps. Hope you are staying dry.

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