Sunday a beautiful warm sunny Autumn day.

I went out to get the Sunday papers and 5 hours later came home with two pairs of new shoes and 3 DVDs,
so much for saving my hard earned cash.

I have not bought any new sandles for 10 years and the last being two pairs of the same style Navy and Brown. They were on sale for 2 for $30. :-o.The poor things have literally falllen apart through constant use.

I Love Bargains!!!

One pair of leather sandles- Naturalizer brand – was marked down from AU$109 to $29.95

The other black”Riversoft” shoes were marked down from $79.95 to $39.99.

I plan to do a lot of walking in these shoes. So comfy.

I know some women don’t like sandles and prefer slip- ons but my feet are narrow with not a high arch and so I tend to ‘walk’ out of slip-ons. lol

And I did remember to buy my papers though
I haven’t been able to read them in peace.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Ah, but the cat looks so cute curled up on the newspaper. You can always read it later.I have real trouble buying sandals. Since a VERY young hip replacement left me with odd length legs, I have my winter shoes built up. Can’t do it with nice, lightweight sandals. I have to put foam wedges under my left heel. Only a couple of styles give you room, and one of them has been discontinued.

  2. you have to treat yourself once in a while!!Cute kitty pic! Maybe I should put the paper out to lure my cat back home? Why is it they always have to be on your stuff?

  3. How very adorable. I have very high arches but I still love sandals. You got a very good deal…shoes and saving money. WOULD MAKE ANYONE HAPPY.

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