Hysterics in the House

A trojan or 3 in my computer.

A whole week without the Internet.

Breathe Breathe

I could play around offline as much as I liked but once I hopped online, my computer crashed. Dropped it into a IT shop to get fixed on Tuesday and finally picked it up on Friday, the virus was so strong the techie had to format the drive.

Luckily I had purchase a portable harddrive at a local computer fair and was able to transfer most of my files and photos to it but I am a little hesitant to transfer saved files back to my newly formatted puter. my son spent the next 6 hours installing some of the programs again (including his games… where he swears no trojans were lurking…huh). I have installed a ‘real beaut’ Trojan ‘hunter and demolisher’ to liquidate any more nasties.

Or maybe I should get this ‘big fella’ to hunt
those nasties down.

Thanks to Eliza for the pic.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Nightmare scenario! It happened to me, and like you I had most of my stuff on a plug-in drive. I bought another laptop while my original was away being repaired (ie. remastered) and the new one had to be remastered in FOUR DAYS!I’m on it now, and itis pure rap. Don’t ever buy a Toshiba. The helpline people knew NOTHING.

  2. We are all at the mercy of our computers and the net. I feel you frustration and pain. As for you wanted assistant…send hm my way once you’re done with him. I’ll invent some nasty for him to save me from.

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