Work Work Work Brisbane Waters, Saratoga NSW On the way to work this morning

Sunday a beautiful warm sunny Autumn day. I went out to get the Sunday papers and 5 hours later came home with two pairs of new shoes and 3 DVDs,so much for saving my hard earned cash. I have not bought any new sandles for 10 years and the last being two pairs of the … More

Tomorrow I will be pottering around my garden but take a look at my front yard where my son,MM removed the rock gardenAnd here are the rocks/cement waiting to be separated.The rocks will be used in the back yard in an area where plants have trouble growing (too much shade) and the cement hauled off … More

Today’s sunset was Awesome. Tomorrow, one of the ways to overcome Mondayitus is to read this ‘twitter’ post on sueblimely’s blog “While writing this, I have been trying to think of new twitter terms. How about: * Twinkling – what the the Twitterati Glitterati do, whereas the rest of us tweet or twitter. * Twender … More

Attention all CI-philes Mark your calendars!All-new episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent arrive (US) Sunday, April 19,starring all of your favorite detectives, as well as a new addition to the Major Case Squad. Jeff Goldblum joins the cast of CI as Det. Zack Nichols. Tune in Sunday, April 19, to see how well Det. … More

I nearly walked into this spider today …Yeeks!

Hysterics in the House A trojan or 3 in my computer. A whole week without the Internet. Breathe Breathe I could play around offline as much as I liked but once I hopped online, my computer crashed. Dropped it into a IT shop to get fixed on Tuesday and finally picked it up on Friday, … More

I am just waiting for the last of the fruit from this Cocos Palm to drop so I can get rid of the wretched stuff, the fruit is such a nuisance as it is smelly if left lying around and when the fruit dries out, leaving only the nut inside, it is like mowing over … More