Family Re-Union in Victoria

I got a call from my sister late yesterday letting me know about a family reunion this weekend. Apparently my invite disappeared into ‘netland. What fun I had organising how we are going to get there with my sister living 100km away. I hope she doesn’t faint when she gets her phone bill.

One and a half hours later trawling flight sites and finally rail sites we were able to book our trip.
Tonight I will be driving up the coast to stay overnight with said sister. Tomorrow, Saturday, 6am catch a plane to Melbourne and then a hour train journey to a ‘farm’ where all the relos will meet up and party staying overnight then up bright and early Sunday to catch a train back to Melbourne then another all-day train back to my sisters place where I will stay overnight before heading back to my place by train to get ready for work a late start at 10am.

I’m exhausted already but what fun I will have had.

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  1. I hope you have uneventful traveling, a wonderful reunion–if it were my family there’d be at lest one major flare up. And a good time at your sister’s. Whose taking care of the kitty while your gone?

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