In My Garden just before Sunset.

After all the rain and humidity we have had recently my wooden steps leading down to the garden had some mildew on them, so I made up a concoction of water and bleach in a bucket and with a BBQ plate cleaning brush I spent some time getting them back to a slip-free condition.

During this time I could hear a Kookaburra ‘chatting’ away
( they make this sound which is not the full-throttle laugh
but a sort of ‘clearing the throat’ sound) lol.

Anyhoo, after I finished hosing off the steps I went for a
wander around the garden to see if I could find him/her.

Kookaburra 01
Here Tis

Kookaburra 02
Sneaking a little closer-

Kookaburra 03
Oops! too close, he/she flew to another higher branch

The old cubby house also was affected by the rain and will need to go as the plywood walls are water-logged and spongy.

My youngest son has returned home for a while so it looks like another job for him on top of the front garden makeover he is currently doing.

4 thoughts on “

  1. I love unusual birds. We were lucky you caught a picture of it. Be glad when its spring here so we can began our yard work too,

  2. Whilst going through all the photos I’ve gathered up, I found a photo of Dad in the backyard feeding a kookaburra right out of his hand!They’re great birds!I always go to sing the playschool song when I see one! Its in my head now! haha

  3. They are suckers for tuna. One time WP and I were taking a break at Belair having a snack and a kookaburra swooped out of a nearby tree and stole a huge hunk of tuna out of her sandwich right as she was chomping the other end of the sandwich. We were impressed.

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