Australia’s Bushfires
Today in each of the homes I visited, televisions were turned
to all the news channelsso even though I was working I was
able to keep up with what was happening.
Everyone is in shock, disbelief and sadness.

We are well prepared in Australia for Bushfires
but nothing could prepare the lost communities for this
horrific event.They say the firestorm at one stage covered
1.5km in 5 minutes. No-one could outrun it.
People who tried in their cars were blinded by smoke and
crashed into fallen trees.

It is now 1.20am Tuesday morning and the last update was
135 dead and many injured.and on the other side of the
world people are trapped in their homes by snow.

Good Night.

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  1. Loss of people, wildlife, livestock, environment. It’s a catastrophe. Some years ago I worked with some Aussie exchange teachers, and they had to sit on the phone and just talk with the person who’d exchanged with them talking about the bushfire passing by. They were all lucky – it missed their house.

  2. I heard the drought has just made things worse. If the reports are right an someone is setting these fires, here’s hoping they are caught and prosecuted. Public burning at the stake would be too good for the guilty.Stay safe.

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