Oh Dear!
Brian Naylor a retired television Newsreader ( 30+years) was amongst those killed in the Victorian bush fires. Sadly, his death has put a ‘face’ to the nameless victims

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night in the day time.
Posted by: admin on Saturday, February 7th, 2009

I sit here whining.

I am hot.

I am snarling at everyone

‘Stop hogging the fan.’

‘My boobs are sweating.’

Outside the temp has reached over 46C.

Hotter than I have ever known.

I whine and complain.

Then I look out the window. The air is choked with smoke. Bushfires surround us.


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  1. Been hearing about the forest fires and the deaths. It sounds terrifying. Fire is so relentless.In the great scheme of things, the slight furore on my blog is pretty insignificant, but I’ve emailed some folks to explain you have nothing to do with the troll who recently invaded my blog. They get very defensive about any comment concerning Vincent’s size, and assume it was critical, even when, like yours, it obviously wasn’t. Please keep coming by.If you want to get in touch directly, I have an made-up email address which I only use for making initial contact with people. If you want to get in touch, email me at taplowm@msn.com and I will reply from my “real” email.

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