I have been working extra hard these last few weeks picking up extra shifts as my work mates head off for their holidays and it will continue till April so I’m enjoying the extra of money.

Plus our Prime Minister:Mr Kevin Rudd
has created a little ‘get out of strife’ solution and announced that every wo/man and her/his kitty/dog will get a little ‘something’ in their banking accounts as a thank-you for paying so much tax over the years.

And he has given his permission for us to SPEND it…WooHoo.

But wait …
That party-pooper Opposition Leader:Mr Malcolm Turnbull
has thrown a ‘bucket of water’ on the solution.

There’s more …
it may be up to The Greens and The Independants to sway the decision.

The federal government unleashed a furious attack on the opposition after it dropped a bombshell and announced it would block the government’s $42 billion lifeline to the economy.

ps some of it will go to schools hospitals etc

but Hey! I can be generous and let them have some too.

5 thoughts on “

  1. Hmmm…I think they should always give the people money, to stimulate the economy, vs. picking and choosing who gets it. If we get it we’ll spend it one way or another. Sounds similar to whats going on over here!

  2. Give the people money – hey, it’s ALL the people’s, and the banks and governments have squandered it! What a con trick it all is.

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