Bailey(M) and Kahlua(F) are Maltese Terriors,
they were named by my sons, B & K had two male puppies
who were named Jack Daniel and Bundi.
Bailey is a wanderer so my yard has to be escape-proof and
Kahlua is a ‘sook’ who loves to have her tummy rubbed…lol…who doesn’t.
Bailey and Kahlua
Bailey & Kahlua
Like my cat Darcy, they were another rescued pets.They belonged to an Elderly Lady who owned 7 dogs,
council rangers informed her after complaints from neighbours
she was only allowed to keep 2(3?). I was only after one
but EL said they were used to company so
I ended up going home with two dogs.

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  1. Awww, they are so cute.Not sure why there’s a limit on how many pets you can have though, I know municipalities do that for animal welfare, but I have 3 cats and in some towns that’s 1 too many! I could never get rid of 1!!But I’m glad you were there to take in these 2 cuties 🙂 And that you kept them together. So sweet 🙂

  2. BTW did you celebrate Australia Day, or Founder’s Day or Invasion Day? I read it has many other names depending upon who you are, but it is a public holiday in every state and territory?

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