I was at a friend’s home at Avoca Beach and this little fella
came for his morning meal it fluffed up its feathers to look bigger and scarier to scare me off.

I was lucky enough to be able to film this kookaburra bashing his prey(a piece of meat) against the rail.They do this to break up all of the prey’s bones so it can digest it.

When a Kookaburra starts to laugh it sounds like
a ”Kook-kook-kook” sound
then they end with a ”ha-ha-ha”.
When a family group start to laugh the noise is deafening.

(stock photo)

3 thoughts on “Kookaburra

  1. Beautiful. I love birds. I’ve seen a kookaburra at the zoo, and that’s probably the only place I’ll ever see one.

  2. Don’t think I actually ever saw a kookaburra – though we used to sing about them when I was a child -greetings fron New York

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