Sunrise Tuesday 13 January 09


I am currently watching the Twenty 20 Cricket matched screened live from Brisbane’s GABBA Oval. Australia(Gold) is competing against South Africa(Green), this is a fun match to watch.
Twenty20Cricket_AusV SA

The basic rules and laws of Twenty 20 cricket are fundamentally the same as a one inning one day international cricket match, the rules of Twenty 20 cricket matches state that each team in a Twenty 20 cricket match will have a maximum of 20 overs, unlike 50 overs as in an one day international cricket match.

Other rules and laws of Twenty 20 cricket are designed to make Twenty 20 cricket more exciting and add to the ‘fun’ factor of a typical Twenty 20 cricket match.Here are some rules of Twenty 20 cricket to add to the carnival cricket atmosphere.

Rule 1: The Free Hit.This Twenty 20 cricket rule states that following a no-ball as a result of overstepping, the next ball shall be a Free Hit. For this ball,the batsman is not given given out by any way in the cricket rules apart from being run-out.

Rule 2: Power to the umpires. Umpires may award five runs to one of the teams playing the Twenty 20 cricket match, in case the umpires feel that the other team is needlessly wasting time.

Rule 3: Twenty overs within 75 minutes. As per this rule of Twenty 20 cricket, a bonus of 6 runs is awarded to the batting team in case the bowling team does not begin their 20th over before 75 minutes.

Rule 4: Bowling restrictions of Twenty 20 cricket. This rule of Twenty 20 cricket once again emphasizes that the laws and rules of the cricket game are becoming more batsman-friendly at the expense of the hapless bowlers.This bowler specific Twenty 20 rule states that bowlers can bowl a maximum of 4 overs- limiting the individual impact of bowlers on the outcome of a Twenty 20 cricket match.

Rule 5: Fielding restrictions of Twenty 20 cricket. Twenty 20 cricket rules state that only 5 fielders can field on the leg side at any point of time.

Rule 6: Bowl-outs. This special Twenty 20 cricket rule applies to Twenty 20 matches that end in a tie. This Twenty 20 cricket rule introduces the novelty of a bowl-out to decide on the outcome of the Twenty 20 cricket match.

According to this Twenty 20 cricket rule, five bowlers from either team are allowed to bowl two balls at the wicket with no batsman at the crease. The Twenty 20 rule states that the maximum times the wicket is castled by either team decides the outcome of the Twenty 20 match. This Twenty 20 cricket rule, borrowed from other sports such as soccer, adds to the excitement of the spectators.

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  1. The match was fun last night and the Aussies won. Yahooooo.Every year my son(24) says he wants to go to see an ‘International’ and every year he forgets to buy the tickets until its too late.sold out. but on a good note he did remember to buy his Sydney ‘Big Day Out’ tickets this year and now he is in Countdown mode. 🙂

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