I was in Sydney on Sunday 14th with my daughter having lunch and doing some Christmas shopping, this fellow was in Pitt Street Mall but my daughter wouldn’t let me buy the antlers. lol.it was “Oh pleez, Mum!” its amazing that after all the years I can still embarrass my daughter. After she left to catch the Parramatta RiverCat home I was tempted to go back and buy one – just to see the expression on her face when she opened her ‘gift’ on Christmas morning. :-). The seller is probably one of the thousands of backpackers that descend on Sydney in the summer holidays.
The Mall photo is from Ann of Sydney Meanderings Blog

We had a lovely day … what with … checking out the Christmas decorations on the streets and buildings, doing a bit of shopping and we finished with a lovely lunch.

The photos are a bit hazy as I was using the camera on my mobile phone but decided to experiment with a slideshow.

Edited to include slideshow

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  1. Apologies for the belated Christmas wishes. A family emergency (which thankfully proved to be non serious) put paid to most of the things I intended to do over the past few days. Hope you had a wonderful day.Thanks for crediting me on the photo as well, I appreciate it. BTW it wasn’t in Pitt Street Mall, it was around the corner outside DJ’s but its probably the same kid.

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