Rememberance of the September 11 Attack.

In December, 1999 my 15yo son, Mike and I were on the observation deck of the World Trade Centre (On Sept 11,2001 it was the second tower to be hit and the first to fall.)and my son jokingly dared me to walk to the edge and look down the 100+ floors(I sometimes suffer from vertigo.) To get to the Obsevation deck you caught the lift to the 100th? floor and then another lift to the 108th floor.I have a photo of Mike sitting in the window alcove on the first landing , the windows were very distinctive.

On the day it happened, I was heading off to bed and decided to catch the 11pm news.9am New York is 11pm Sydney time, There was a news flash and a picture of the Tower in flames was flashed onto the screen I called out to my son to tell him to come and see the plane in the tower and we watched the news unfolding..saw another plane in the distance coming closer and then veer into the second tower. The one with the observation deck. We stayed up all night and watched the tragedy unfold. Mike was deeply affected by this as the WTC was the highlight of our New York holiday, he would tell his mates about how long it took to go up in the lift,the great view over New York. It just amazed us on how little time it took for the Tower to collapse.

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