Ripped from the Headlines

imatgrrl (& Others) of IMDb Criminal Intent board. Updated 23Sept08.
Weeping Willow (6:10) lonleygirl15
Masquerade (6:6)-JonBenet Ramsey
Siren Call (6:3) Christie Brinkley’s husband Peter Cook
Cruise to Nowhere(5:19) -George Allen Smith
Slither(5:11)-Charles Sobhraj
In the Wee Small Hours(5:6-7) – Natalie Halloway
Prisoner (5:3)-Bobbi Parker
Sex Club (4:14)-Jeri & Jack Ryan
Stress Position (4:13) Guantanamo Bay
Gone (4:11)-Bobby Fischer
Magnificant (4:7)-Andrea Yeats
Eosphoros (4:5)-Madalyn Murray O’Hair
Want(4:3)- Jeffery Dahmer
D.A.W.(3:20)-Harold Shipman
Ill-Bred (3:18) Tommy Burns
Conscience (3:17)-Terri Schiavo
The Saint (3:16)- Mark William Hoffman
Pas de Deux (3:13)-Brian Douglas Wells
Pravda(3:5)-Jayson Blaire
Gemini(3:2)- The Unibomber
A Person of Interest( 2:23)-the anthrax investigation
Blink(2:20)-John Chang & students from M.I.T.
Cold Comfort(2:17)-Ted Williams
Monster (2:15) Robert Chambers the “Preppy Killer” AND the false confessions in the Central Park jogger rape case.
Malignant (2:6) Robert Ray Courtney
Antithesis (2:3) Charles Sobhraj
Dead (2:1)-The Tri-State Crematory
Tuxedo Hill (1:22) Enron
Faith (1:21)-Anthony Godby Johnson
The Third Horseman (1:11) James Kopp
Enemy Within (1:10)-Edmond Safra
The Good Doctor (1:9) Robert Bierenbaum
The Pardoner’s Tale (1:8) Marc Rich & Pincus Green
Poison(1:7)-The Tylenol Murders
The Extra-Man(1:6)-David Hampton

3 thoughts on “Ripped from the Headlines

  1. Thanks for sharing those based on fact eps, The good Dr and Crazy were also factual based not sure which ones though-it used to say in those days ( 2001-2) when they were based on true stories).

  2. As many as that. I had no idea.I’m glad to find you again. I lost the link to your blog when I had to have my computer remastered earlier in the year.

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