Rampaging Roy & HG Nelson

Scientific Latin Name

Roy and H.G.
A.K.A – Rampaging and Immortal
A.K.A – Sicko and The Perv
A.K.A – The Big Fella and The Ferret

Roy and H.G. keep a very low profile. They have never been spotted by snoopers in the wild. They have never appeared in those “who have you seen columns” anywhere. They blend in. It is a lean and nosy act rooting around with the snout always close to the ground looking for clues and sporting facts. The natural habitat is on the lurk near empty rain water tanks wondering about the drought. In TABs especially during the hours when they are shut. At footy grounds across the nation where you can sit in your car and watch and tonk the horn when points are scored. They like a pie night, a fund raiser for an injured jockey, an Olympic orientation session especially when the key note speaker is Kevin Gosper or Dick Pound.

Food Groups
Roy and H.G. love a well made pie with chips for lunch. Steak or a rack of lamb on a pumpkin mash for main with creme brulee for desert will always get the appreciative nod. Lamingtons and Kitchener buns are welcomed at morning tea and pavlova is never a stranger on very special occasions.
Evolutionary Influences
So many people have influenced Roy and H.G. over the years. They are on record as saying that Grassy Granall, Graham Perch, Chris Garver, Holly Valance, Spike Cheney, Cher, Fractious Bruce Woodis, Matthew Parkinson, Andrew “Joey” Johns, Matthew Welsh, Tamsyn Lewis. Mark Big Dukes Viduka, John “Stinkfist” Hopoate, Liam Pickering, Stomper Staines, Greg Norman, Scott Dooley, King Wally Otto, The Bra Boys, Edmund Capon, Nat Young, Heidi Klum, Backdoor Benny Elias, Mickey Dora, Barry “Decktha” Hall, Kouta, Frogseyes Gartner, Wendell “hullo” Sailor, Dannii Minogue, Jason Crump, Warren ‘the croc’ Negus, Late Mail Dale and Paul Mac Namee have been enormous influences on their career. But that leaves out hundreds of influential people. The list is endless they have learnt something from everyone they have bumped into in the Holden ute.
Distinguishing Features
Fitness is their go. They like to be on top of their game 24/7 just on the off chance that the test side needs someone to fill a hole. They would hate to let Australia down in the national selectors called.
The Dull… oh and currently Andre Rieu and Doctor Meredith Gray is guarunteed to gives them the shits.

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