World Youth Day Sydney 2008

In July World Youth Day with Pope Benedict in attendance was held in Sydney, I was not able to attend many of the events but on the Saturday before the Papal Mass I journeyed down to Sydney by train. I alighted from the train at Central Station and on walking down to Paddys Market in Ultimo I was surrounded by the throngs of Pilgrims that were walking from Sydney Harbour Bridge to Randwick Racecourse where the Papal Mass was going to be held. There were people as far as you could see..the mass of people ebbed and flowed around me..

I ended up doing a mini walk going from Central–Paddys Market–Darling Harbour–Observation Hill–onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge (where the Pilgrims were sent over in waves to save conjestion)–under the Harbour Bridge–pass the Overseas Terminal(cruise ships)–around the Ferry Wharves–to the Sydney Opera House–into The Royal Botanical Gardens–pass Mitchell Library(NSW State Library)– down Macquarie Street passed Sydney Eye Hospital and the New South Wales Parliment House–Hyde Park Barracks with St Marys Cathedral in the background –and then through Hyde Park — unfortunately I wasn’t able to go into the Cathedral as they had it all blocked off– bought a Tshirt with a graphic of the walk I had just completed at WYD shop (amazing as I had just been following my favourite route)then down to Pitt Street Mall (original Free Hugs site) to watch a talented group of Breakdancers and then a Monorail ride back to Paddy’s Market and then a light rail ride up to Central Station for my journey back home. Phew. All up my wanderings took about 3 1/2 hours so I was glad to sit back and enjoy the trip back up the Coast.

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