Car Dramas

I have just got a bill for $1,300 for my car. I took it to the mechanics because of an oil leak and scrapping noise. Well, now he informed me that I need new brakes Sad and a thermal fan switch because the other one isn’t working (that keeps the engine cool while it is idling in traffic) and the tyres look a little worn and it needs a service and the battery may need seeing to (I inform him that the battery was relatively new.and from a reputable company.. he sidestepped that) and the motor is showing a little wear and tear etc etc . Talk about dramas.

After an in depth discussion/negotiation we have decided on brakes, switch, full service and ‘mumble mumble’ which I didn’t pick up what was said but the cost wasn’t too high so I’ll have one of those too.:-) as for the oil leak well that wasn’t anything to worry about and the motor should last another year. The house is going on the market soon so I might pick up a relatively newish car as well as a smaller house.

Well I contacted my friendly credit union and after 2 days of phone calls and faxes my loan has been approved and I am now sitting here waiting for them to call me back to get me to come in and sign paperwork. It’s Friday and I have been informed Chris my CU rep is at a meeting. okayyy .

Two hours have gone by since my last phone call…..still waiting to get to CU office, its going to take me 20 minutes to walk to the shops to get a bus to take me to Westfield, the bus will be on its Friday shoppers route going here, there and everywhere taking in the sights of suburbia. I may need to take a cut lunch or at this rate afternoon tea. Waiting ….waiting……………..

Mechanic just rang and the car is ready ….. waiting…waiting…

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One thought on “Car Dramas

  1. I got a huge quote from a Ford maindealer some years ago when my little backstreet mechanic was on holiday. I took it to him when he got back, and it needed NOTHING done to it. They think they see women coming.

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